Gnosis Builders Meetup Nairobi Kenya

July 6, 2023

A Glimpse into the Future: The Gnosis Builders Nairobi Meetup

Saturday in Nairobi was abuzz with curiosity and excitement as the Gnosis Builders Nairobi Meetup kicked off. With an attendance of 31 passionate individuals, the day was not just about conversations, but a deep dive into the intriguing world of Gnosis Chain and blockchain technology. A diverse range of people came together, united by their interest in leveraging blockchain technology to create a better, more secure, and decentralized future.

A Meeting of Minds

The event served as a vibrant platform for attendees to broaden their understanding of the Gnosis Chain, a state-of-the-art blockchain platform known for its flexibility, security, and performance. In the true spirit of a meetup, the day was filled with exchange of ideas, knowledge, and experiences that spanned across a broad range of businesses, industries, and projects.

The hands-on validator workshop was one of the highlights of the day. It provided attendees with a practical understanding of how to run validator nodes, a critical aspect of maintaining the health and security of the blockchain network. This hands-on approach transformed the concept of blockchain from an abstract notion to a tangible tool that the attendees could grasp and apply.

Gnosis Builders Kenya Meetup - June 24, 2023

A Dynamic Networking Platform

Beyond the wealth of knowledge gained, the event also provided a dynamic platform for networking. Attendees had the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, sparking potential collaborations and project developments. Given the shared interest and diverse expertise of the attendees, the prospects for these collaborations are truly exciting.

Gnosis Builders Kenya Meetup - June 24, 2023

Acknowledging the Architects of Knowledge

An event of this magnitude would not have been possible without our exceptional speakers, notably Olu and Pete, and the knowledge they shared during their insightful workshops.

Workshop 1: How to Deploy on Gnosis Chain

Olu, Development Lead at Gnosis Builders, shared with attendees how to deploy on Gnosis Chain. During this workshop, developers were provided with the tools needed to permissionlessly deploy their own smart contracts and Dapps to the layer 1 blockchain.

Workshop 2: Gnosis Chain Validator Workshop

The second workshop of the day was hosted by Pete, DevOps lead at Gnosis Builders. Pete started with an insightful yet digestible deep dive into decentralized networks and the validators role within the Gnosis Chain network. The presentation was followed by a step-by-step walkthrough giving attendees a hands-on experience of how to set up their own Gnosis Chain validator.

Their invaluable knowledge, passion, and ability to simplify complex concepts into understandable nuggets of information ignited the venue and set the tone for an impactful learning experience.

Gnosis Builders Kenya Meetup - June 24, 2023

Key Takeaways

Among the many insights gained, three key takeaways stood out:

  1. Understanding the local market needs is crucial for the successful adoption of blockchain applications. Gnosis Chain can be customized to address these needs effectively.
  2. Hands-on workshops can significantly enhance understanding and engagement with complex concepts like running validator nodes.
  3. Overcoming the challenges of blockchain adoption requires a focus on education and practical demonstrations.
Gnosis Builders Kenya Meetup - June 24, 2023

Looking Forward

The Gnosis Builders Nairobi Meetup was a fruitful and engaging event that underscored the enormous potential for Gnosis Chain within Kenya. This event was the first of many. As we plan on hosting more of such events and hackathons, we're excited to further nurture the blockchain community in Kenya, fostering innovation and advancements in blockchain technology.

As we continue this journey, we encourage everyone to stay engaged, keep learning, and actively contribute to the blockchain community. Here's to a future where blockchain technology is accessible to all and a cornerstone of our digital world!


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Written by: Agate Nashons (Web3 Evangelist Kenya)